Mission and Methodology

To provide lifelong supports for people with autism spectrum disorders that are created specifically for the needs and desires of each individual; thus, integrating into the greater community in the most meaningful ways possible.

AuSSN is about a lifestyle that is...



Actively Engaged

It is necessary for providers to begin to think in terms of developing programming where the needs decide the curriculum. This will be a fundamental guideline in all AuSSN programming.

AuSSN is committed to a holistic approach that allows for an array of choices in lifestyle and supports, including

⦁ residential, supervised, independent and semi-independent living arrangements

⦁ vocational programming, training and placement, as well as community employment and student transition planning

⦁ family supports, and consultations

AuSSN's thorough methodology will offer opportunities for


⦁ Community/Recreational activities

⦁ Specialized individual therapies

⦁ Nutritional assessment

⦁ Behavioral supports

⦁ Medical/psychiatric follow-up

⦁ Lifelong learning